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 Every boy should become a man.  This sounds pretty basic but how often have we seen that unfinished development 30,40 and 50 years in the making?  Masculinity is often shrouded in uncertainty, Onward is the necessary illumination for the haze thats bound to happen .  Eric has learned the ropes of manhood from the colorful, dynamic, bold and successful as well as the  good, bad and ugly.  His burning desire is to convey some of those lessons to hundreds of thousands.





Eric, I have been challenged, stirred and empowered to become a better man and to inspire others to do the same. Your book is necessary reading for all young men and women. I shared excerpts with my daughter and she is eager to read the entire book. Your treatise on manhood is simple yet profound. You are a modern day prophetic voice for the men of this age and the age to come. If we apply the wisdom of these pages, we can become shapers and designers of a better world.

Pastor Silas Oliver
Pastor 21st Street Church of God
Richmond, VA




Bravo!!!  This book is a much-needed reality check for manhood. The spiritually -rich chapters are a guiding MANcall to action. As a woman, and mother of an adult son I had no idea the depth of maturity men must achieve to live a productive life.  I believe this book will help men look in the mirror, while holding onto God's hand.  

Gail L. Lee
Director of Development for The Children's Home
Baltimore, MD




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