Impact Speaker


Soul quenching truth for trying times

Life will dust your soul with itching powder.  Only the truth can address that irritating itch.  Equipped with creativity and gusto, Eric engages and lifts audiences.  Eric is at home speaking to students, couples, men's groups, general audiences, business leaders and executives.  He is especially adept as a keynote speaker, conference presenter, emcee and facilitator.  In addition he can produce ompany taglines and personal slogans.

His topics range from academic achievement, community involvement, financial empowerment, life advancement to spiritual fulfilment.



Mr. Eric Elliott is one of the best communicators through the use of the written and spoken language (English) that I've experienced in my lifetime. His book reveals biblical truths and challenges Christian men to reassess the way we are raising our sons/mentees to become godly men/husbands/fathers in our 21st century society. This book is a must read for especially Christian men; however, the benefits accrue to all men universally. 

Pastor Walter Hamilton, III

Christ Fellowship Church

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